​Jackie Banovitz

By July 7, 2017

I started as receptionist with Barney & Russum in 2003. A year or two later, I was able to cross train as both a Kennel & Veterinary Technician. Recently, I have taken on the role of Clinic Supervisor. I have loved being able to learn and work in all the different positions in the clinic. It is so rewarding to help a pet through an illness or watch a pet growth with their family from an excitable puppy or kitten into a loving senior pet. I am so grateful for every client that allows us to care for their pet. When I am not helping take care of your pets, you can find me taking care of my 2 children, Husband, and pets. We currently have 2 German Shepherds (Thor & Freya), a chihuahua (Zombie), and 2 cats (Fuzzy & Lefty). I also lead my daughter’s Girl Scout troop.